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PRESADI presents its new hookah charcoal as an innovative novelty to meet the needs of many hookah enthusiasts.

With a size of 27mm, our charcoal pieces are optimal for long shisha moments.
Our hookah charcoal is made of:


  • 95%-97% coconut shell
  • 3%-5% manik starch
  • Min. 78% solid carbon
  • Max. 12% volatile matter
  • Max. 5% moisture
  • Max. 3% ash
  • Heat value 7000 Kcal/Kg
  • Weight per piece of coal approx. 21 grams
Strictly controlled hookah charcoal for a chemical-free smoking experience

Thanks to our strictly controlled hookah charcoal, we guarantee that you will not inhale any chemicals while smoking hookah. By not using any additives, we produce tasteless and even burning hookah charcoal. By not using any additives, the entire charcoal also consists of one solid piece, which ensures even burning.

Slow burning with optimal size

One of the reasons for our hookah charcoal is the balance between size and burn time. Let’s face it. Many of the well-known manufacturers advertise a burn time of 2 hours, while everyone knows that in a hookah bar, the charcoal needs to be changed after a maximum of 40 minutes. We have made the endurance test. Our coal burns alone, of course, also 2 hours, but on the hookah it must be changed only after a full hour not to cloud the smoking pleasure. The heat remains constant. So you can do without constantly changing your coal and enjoy your hookah at full heat. The square contact surface of our charcoal ensures even heat transfer to your tobacco head, especially pleasant for moist tobaccos.

Versatility for maximum flexibility

The advantage of the 27mm edge length is the versatility. You can use the coal on aluminum foil, a fireplace attachment, in the One Coal or the Coal Box. Maximum flexibility awaits you in every situation, if long burning times are important to you. Each type of tobacco develops its very own taste in combination with PRESADI charcoal, as this is not distorted by the charcoal. With our charcoal cuts you always experience the pure aroma of your flavors.